Upgrade Weaver II to Weaver II ProLatest Version: 2.1.12

Like Weaver II, but you find you'd like to use some of those greyed out options? Weaver II Pro is the answer!

Weaver II Theme is a huge leap forward in flexibility, power, and features found in most WordPress themes. Weaver II represents the latest in WordPress theme technology. After the ability it gives you to create a total custom look, it has built-in support for Mobile Devices second to none.

And with the Weaver II Pro version, you have even more flexibility and power to make your site your own unique design. Unlock new options. Add new features. Design the ultimate Mobile site.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: We've released a brand new theme called Weaver Xtreme. Weaver Xtreme can do about everything Weaver II can, plus a whole lot more. It is a new, fresher, and more logical Admin interface. And just like Weaver II, Weaver Xtreme will have a premium add-on, called Weaver Xtreme Plus. if you purchase Weaver II Pro any time between November 1, 2014 and January 31, 2015, you will get the price you paid for Weaver II Pro discounted from the Weaver Xtreme Plus price.

$29.95 - Personal Version
$49.95 - Professional Version

Here's a list of the additional features you'll get when you purchase a Weaver II Pro membership:

  • Activate all the Grayed out Options - activate all the grayed out Pro options in the Free version.
  • Over a dozen additional major features - Includes Header Gadgets, Link Buttons, Social Buttons, Slider Menu, Extra Menus, RSS feed, and more.
  • Complete Font Control - Specify fonts for specific elements. Easy access to all the free Google Fonts.
  • Additional customization of Menu Bars
  • Wide Header and Footer - new in Weaver II Pro 2.0
  • Complete control of Sidebar Widths - allows different widths for different layouts
  • Advanced options for Mobile View - Includes ability to create a completely different custom Mobile theme.
  • Advanced Header and Footer <div> control
  • Additional integrated shortcodes - Make your job easier by using integrated shortcodes
  • Display Posts in Multiple Columns
  • Photoblogging -  support for the Masonry blog layout tool - you can now add multi-column photoblogs (and even your regular blog) with entries no longer restricted to horizontal rows.
  • Ten additional HTML insertion areas - add special content where you need it
  • Easy addition of Background Images - add background images to any page area
  • Custom Border Attributes
  • Search Form Options
  • Sidebar Layout Control of Archive-type Pages
  • Additional control of Archive-type Pages
  • Full sidebar and content background color flow to bottom of page
  • Custom bullets for lists
  • Custom control of Header Widget Area for Mobile devices
  • Add extra content to Info Bar
  • Hide Tool Tips
  • Full control of Post Information lines
  • Development Tools - help for advanced developers
  • Extra options to save and restore you theme settings - Save your settings using files on your host or own computer.
  • CSS Style from Files instead of In-line - May improve SEO performance.

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