IMPORTANT NOTICE: We’ve released a new theme called Weaver Xtreme. Weaver Xtreme can do about everything Weaver II can, plus a whole lot more. It is a new, fresher, and more logical Admin interface. And just like Weaver II, Weaver Xtreme has a premium add-on, called Weaver Xtreme Plus



Please, DO NOT Upgrade Weaver II to Weaver II Pro! You really should switch to Weaver Xtreme!

Weaver II Pro Latest Version: 2.2.4

All sales of Weaver II Pro have been discontinued as of December 1, 2015. Updates will continue to be provided (although rarely!) for existing sites, but we will no longer be selling new licenses after December 1.


Existing Weaver II Pro Users: Please click the Log In on the menu bar to login to your account.

You will be unable to access menu items until you login!

Limited support for Weaver II and Weaver II Pro available on our Forum.