The current theme is Weaver Xtreme.

Weaver II Pro will get WordPress and PHP compatibility updates, but no additional updates.


Weaver II to Weaver II Pro is OBSOLETE!
Please switch to Weaver Xtreme.

Weaver II Pro Latest Version: 2.2.4

Weaver II Pro is no longer available for purchase.

With the release of WordPress 5, and the new Block Editor, we are not able to provide new compatibility updates. It is likely Weaver II Pro will continue to work, but there may be incompatibilities with the Block Editor.


Existing Weaver II Pro Users: Please click the Log In on the menu bar to login to your account.

You will be unable to access menu items until you login!

Open the Members -> Download menu to download the most recent version of Weaver II Pro. There are no plans to update beyond Version 2.2.4. There are no other bug fixes or new features to be added.

Limited support for Weaver II and Weaver II Pro available on our Forum.